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In Clark County, some of our greatest resources and economic growth lies in our parks, trails, open spaces, and rich recreational program offerings. These shared resources provide places for kids and families to play; neighbors and friends to gather; and for any of us, at any time, to unplug and take a break from the hustle and bustle. This shared understanding was validated in the City of Vancouver’s recent community survey. Parks and trails were shown to be of the highest value, and were shown to be where citizens felt we should invest to maintain and grow the values of our region and its economy.

At the Parks Foundation of Clark County we serve as the fiscal sponsor for a wide variety of municipality-approved projects. We assist in fundraising and financial management for large and small projects, all across the county. These projects are managed by individual municipalities and often heavily supported by volunteer groups. By holding their funds and helping with financial management and fundraising, we allow them to leverage their resources more effectively and make a powerful difference in helping our parks, trails, and recreation programs thrive. At any given time, we are actively helping 20 different programs and projects, and holding funds for another 20. These projects include the Summer Sensory Camp for children with special sensory needs; Disc Golf courses; Battle Ground Veterans Memorial; the Old Evergreen Highway Trail; and many more. What each of these projects has in common is that they expand and improve on the resources available to all Clark County residents. Vibrant parks, trails, and recreation programs make our citizens healthier, our economy stronger, and our collective outlook brighter.

Learn more about the Parks Foundation of Clark County and how you can be part of ongoing opportunities, or contact the Executive Director, Dianna Kretzschmar to discuss programs that strengthen and connect our community, now and in the future.

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