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The City of Ridgefield is working to implement a system-wide trail signage program. As the City of Ridgefield continues to undergo substantial development, use of the trail system becomes more important, popular, and necessary. Many city residents and visitors are outdoor enthusiasts with a wide range of interests and needs. The city is home to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, scenic areas, open spaces, farms, and over 50 different parks and trails. A well maintained and connected system of trails with multipurpose paths, accessible to all ages and abilities, is enhanced with the trail system signage and wayfinding and is working with its volunteer Parks Board on sign language and art. Signage and wayfinding play an important role in trail use, safety, connecting users to nature, providing emergency response, and adding improved aesthetics and visitor/user experience.

The trail system serves a variety of users that bring different experience levels.  Consistent maps and signage will improve the overall navigation options. Comprehensive trails signage will help provide a wide variety of information clearly, consistently, and attractively. Identification information, orientation devices, and safety and regulatory messages all add a unifying element and will enhance visitors’ experiences as well as support access to emergency services.

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