Studies show that recreational programs and opportunities provide health, social and emotional wellbeing for all ages, but especially youth. Unfortunately, thousands of Clark County families do not have the necessary resources to access such programs. Many low to moderate income families cannot afford to have their children participate in sports, music, dance, art, swim lessons or day camps.

At the Parks Foundation and Vancouver Parks and Recreation we are committed to ensuring youth and disabled adults have access to learn how to swim and overcome a fear of water, or learn a new sport and become healthier in the process, or participate in day camps that provide emotional health for themselves and their caregivers. We believe a healthy and safe lifestyle should be available and accessible to all.

In 2018 Everybody Plays Recreation Scholarships created the ability for:

• 284 children to learn to swim
• 196 disabled youth and adults to participate in recreational programs and camps
• 131 kids to participate in sports leagues and classes
• 113 youth and teens to participate in the music, dance, and art
• 48 families to receive 3-month summer recreation passes

The Everybody Plays Recreation Scholarshipprogram serves the community by offering access to tools that will increase the likelihood of success in life. In turn, these nurtured lives contribute to the health of the community.

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