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Goal: $15,000$75

The citizens of Washougal have been voicing their wants and needs for a dog park for many years. The closest dog park is 11 miles away involving at least a 20-minute drive. Having a dog park within the city limits would keep residents in town where they can stay and play while building relationships with neighbors and spending money in their own community.

Having a dog park in town allows residents to simply walk to the park with their dog and play while avoiding a long drive out of town.

The planned dog park is close to the downtown corridor and to the new future library.  It will attract more people into the city and bring more business downtown as well.

This project is already being talked about and promoted heavily in the area because it is a large part of Washougal’s Civic Recreation Project. Promotion has been occurring through the City of Washougal Social Media postings, shared through park board meetings and articles have been shared in the local newspapers. This is a huge project for the City of Washougal and funding to help bring this project to fruition is extremely beneficial to the community.  This grant will fund the agility course and play structures in the dog park.

Progress will continue to be shared with the community as certain milestones and goals are reached towards building the Dog Park and Civic Recreation Campus, especially when it comes to funding.

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