Appreciation Runs Deep in Battle Ground

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Battle Ground Veterans Memorial.

Dedicated on November 11, 2015, Battle Ground’s Veteran Memorial is a source of pride and beauty in Kiwanis Park. The memorial was fully funded and constructed by donations, evidence of the community’s steadfast commitment to honoring those who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, and those who died protecting our freedom.

You can be a part of Battle Ground’s Veteran’s Memorial this spring by purchasing a commemorative brick. Engraved and installed bricks are $250, and include the veteran’s name, branch of service, and dates of service. To be completed and installed by this Memorial Day 5/25, bricks must be ordered by March 1, 2020. Proceeds from brick sales support the ongoing maintenance of the memorial. Located in Kiwanis Park at 422 SW 2nd Ave in Battle Ground, the memorial is open to the public 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.

31 honored veterans, local sons who died in service to our country, were a part of the original construction and include:

World War II
Bergman, Julius J.
Burgstahler, Otto O.
Condon, Edmond H.
Freel, Jack O.
Green, Bruce C.
Pancoska, Joe J.
Pellett, Elmer E.
Pelto, William A.
Peru, Archie C.
Sakrison, Albert E.
Snider, Paul H.
Tessendorf, Sheldon E.
Uskoski, William A.
Wallace, Leonard A.
Winston, Milton E.
Wright, Walter G.

Korean War
Hanley, Jack

Vietnam War
Carpenter, Raymond E.
Cheney, Daniel B.
Hostikka, Richard A.
Lindberg, Dale R.
Lowery, Alvin L.
Mattson, Timothy G.
Thomas, Monte V.
Thulin, Donald F.

Global War on Terror
Howard, Bryce D.
hields, Andrew J.
McClellan, Jonah D.


Bruns, Cedric E.
Funke, Kane M.
Johnson, Jeremiah J.

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