Created by the Parks Foundation of Clark County in 2011, the Florence B. Wager Awards honors Flossie Wager’s influence and leadership by recognizing public agency staff, volunteers, and leaders who have brought a significant impact to the development and enhancement of parks, trails, and recreational programs throughout Clark County.

Florence B. Wager Award recipients are recognized in one of four categories: Leading Eagle, V-Formation Flyer, Tributary, and the J. Scott Campbell Corporate award. Past recipients are listed below.

Please submit the nomination package by April 15th to

The Parks Foundation Board of Directors (BOD) will consider nominations and notify recipients prior to May 1. Note that selection of recipients is the sole discretion of the BOD, and simply nominating an individual does not guarantee selection.

Terry Snyder

2023 The Tributary Award

Larry Smith

2023 The Leading Eagle

OnPoint Community Credit Union

2023 J. Scott Campbell Award

Past Award Winners

With the dedication that goes above-and-beyond the normal, the V-FORMATION FLYER Award recognizes spirited volunteers who give without hesitation of their time and resources to organize, develop, or enhance the parks, trails, and recreation programs. Recipients include:

2022 — Steve Lorenz
2020/2021 — Jayne Lacey & Tyler Castle
2019 — Erin Beck and Cassie Marshall
2018 — Janice Ferguson & Shirley Scott
2017 — Joyce Lindsay
2016 — Marie Bouvier
2015 — Dave Kuhlman & Allene Wodage
2014 — Barbara Anderson
2013 — Anita Hill
2012 — Dr. Milada Allen
2011 — John Garofalo

The LEADING EAGLE Award recognizes community leaders who have launched or guided initiatives that have significantly influenced the life, health, and direction of our parks, trails, and recreation programs. Recipients include:

2022 — Julie Hannon
2020/2021 — Tom Griffith
2019 — Jerry Acheson
2018 — Del Schleichert
2017 — Glenn Lamb
2016 — John and Debra Bauman
2015 — Cheri Martin
2014 — Lloyd Halverson & Kelly Puteney
2013 — Bill Dygert & George Simpson
2012 — Don Cannard
2011 — Ron Onslow

The TRIBUTARY Award recognizes parks and recreation professionals who have gone above and beyond their daily duties to create or enhance innovative programs that connect the public to parks and recreation in new ways. This includes creating new efficiencies to ease cost burdens or securing/developing new grant sources or revenue concepts. Recipients include:

2022 — No recipient awarded in this category
2020/2021 — Carol English-Hawley
2019 — Laura Hoggatt
2018 — Randy Wray
2017 — James Barhitte
2016 — Bill Bjerke
2015 — Karen Llewellyn
2014 — Suzanne Grover
2013 — Steve Wall
2012 — Vicki Vanneman
2011 — Debbie Hanson

New in 2018, the J. SCOTT CAMPBELL Award recognizes corporate leadership of parks, trails, and recreational programs. This award honors businesses or organizations that have a dedication of service to our community, and that through their actions, influence, and examples they make a significant impact on the development and enhancement of the parks, trails and recreational programs throughout Clark County.

2022 — Dr. John & Debra Bauman
2020/2021 — Gramor
2019 — iQ Credit Union
2018 — Waste Connections

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