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Jim West Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Managing Broker


In 2008, Jim established his Commercial Real Estate practice in Southwest Washington. His mission was to assist local
Business Owners and Entrepreneurs accelerate their business success. Over his extensive career, he has helped many
clients unravel the mysteries of Commercial Leasing and guide in the transition from leasing to owning business
property, building more wealth. He also adds Commercial Property Management to his service offerings.

Jim has worked primarily with busy professionals; CPA’s, Insurance Offices, Attorneys, Medical & Dental Practitioners,
Engineering Firms, and Local Contractors who would often struggle with the time requirements involved in making
such a transition. Seeing a need to help ease the unexpected struggles and educate, he partnered with Northwest
Business Development Association to create a free education series called “Commercial Property 101 – Stop Leasing
and Own Your Business Property”. This workshop focus afforded him to become well versed across three primary
segments of the industry; retail, office and small light industrial buildings, working as Tenant and Buyer Representation.

One of his most comprehensive projects was that of assisting a local Dentist acquire a parcel in front of a Walmart,
located in one of the busiest transportation corridors in our community. Jim remained alongside during the
construction and development process, then provided leasing services to 100% occupancy with both national and
regional tenants. The entire process spanned three and a half years.

Jim spent his first nine years with Coldwell Banker Commercial, three years with Zenith Properties, another three years
with Wise Move RE. He is now with AARE as a Managing Broker Mentor and Wise Move Property Management.
An extensive component of Jim’s marketing efforts has been to maintain a highly visible presence in the local business
and non-profit community. Much of what drives Jim is the desire to help others succeed. His mindset has been
recognized by his peers and the community, voting him Clark County’s “Best In Business” for the past nine years.

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